editorial board

Francesco Strazzari – editor

Associate professor of IR in Pisa, and senior research fellow at NUPI, Oslo. Born in Bologna, began working on ethnonationalism in the Caucasus, walked across the Balkans and is now in the Sahel, following the unfathomable footprints of European security.

Mario Ragazzi – administrator, co-editor

Internationalist engineer, has worked for the Catholic Church, international nongovernmental organisations and the European Union in post/during-conflict countries like El Salvador, Colombia, Pakistan and Afghanistan for a dozen years. Research interests on issues of state formation, institution-building and security in development.

Thematic section Current affairs & Debate

Elisa Piras

Works on political theory and IT theory, with the aim of developing a framework for studying foreign policy as moral agency. A Sardinian cosmopolitan-ist, she is a PhD candidate at Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies (Pisa).

Alessandra Russo

Florentine, currently working on her PhD dissertation in Berlin (FU), after visiting the University of Oxford. She has carried out fieldwork in Tbilisi and Bishkek. Her doctoral studies are based at the Pisa-based Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies with a focus on security studies, comparative regionalism, post-Soviet politics and all the stuff that will bring her out and about in the Steppes.

Thematic section Crime

Hans Van Der Veen

Amsterdam-based, independent researcher in the field of international drug control and policy – with extensive field experience and strong dedication to critical questioning.

Eva Magdalena Stambøl

Her records show studies in criminology, with a focus on international drug policy and social movements. She earns her living working for an international organization and collaborating with NUPI, Oslo, while inquiring into European Union foreign and security policies on ‘transnational organized crime’ and drug trafficking.

Thematic section on Voices from the Field

Luca Raineri

PhD candidate, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa. Works on the geopolitics of the Sahel region and on implausible borders in the middle of the desert. Bike raider (and repairer), adherent to improvisation theatre for leisure and survival reasons.

Thematic section on Culture & Arts

Alessandro Rossi

Film-maker born and based in Bologna (Italy). He directed around ten films (mostly documentaries) together with Michele Mellara. He runs his own production company, Mammut Film, together with Michele Mellara, Ilaria Malagutti, Francesco Merini. His films has been released in theatre, home video, Tv all over the world.

Brunilda Pali

Researcher at the Leuven Institute of Criminology, working on restorative justice application to conflicts in intercultural settings. With a background in feminist and cultural studies, her main interests relate to critical social theory and psychoanalysis. Originally from Albania, Brunilda always uprooted herself, searching a freedom of self apart from place, always moving into fields of becoming.


Cover photo: Hotel Park, Korčula, in the 1960s, from korculainfo.com.