Can empathy influence leadership, security, and high-stake situations? A conversation with Claire Yorke

Can empathy influence leadership, security, and high-stake situations? The War in Afghanistan (2001), the Covid-19 pandemic (2019), and now Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (2022) are all events that have put high-stake emotions at the forefront of diplomacy. Today we spoke with Dr. Claire Yorke about her work with empathy and especially what is known as strategic empathy. Dr. Yorke’s research aims to show how empathy can influence and transform how we think about leadership and politics. Bridging ⋙

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SGOC General Conference on Organised Crime (4–6 July, Pisa&online)

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Panel “Jihad in Africa" @ SGRI 2022 Conference (16-17 June, Perugia)

The ERIS team will organise a panel in the context of the 2022 SGRI Conference, organized by the ⋙

ERIS seminar: “The Sahel in turmoil: Conflict drivers and responses” (16 May, Pisa)

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