Ukraine, Afghanistan and Belarus: What EU emergency response to ongoing migration plights?

In less than a year, three new scenarios of crisis emerged within the EU and at its external borders. The takeover by the Taliban in Afghanistan in August 2021 further destabilized an already fragile country, urging thousands of people to flee. At the same time, Belarus has forced around 20,000 migrants to move to neighboring EU countries. Finally, the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has so far compelled more than 6.8 million people to flee, in addition to more than 4 million intern ⋙

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Panel “Jihad in Africa" @ SGRI 2022 Conference (16-17 June, Perugia)

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ERIS seminar: “The Sahel in turmoil: Conflict drivers and responses” (16 May, Pisa)

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